Our Story

“Lady Indy LLC. is a company that has designed products carefully handpicked that will Praise Your Beauty. These products are vegan and paraben free. This company is dedicated to all women. Lady Indy features beautiful lip colors that will leave you feeling glamorous, bold, sexy, and confident. These colors were specially formulated infused with natural oils such as vitamin E to keep your lips moisturized while giving you a long lasting finish. To all you beautiful ladies that inspire me to create and design a product that is especially designed for you. Praise Your Beauty!”

Lipsticks That Define, Nourish, and Repair Your Lips!

Lady Indy emerged as one of those brands that don’t focus on filling banks, instead offering a never-forgettable makeup experience. To carry out the mission impeccably, the company has invested an impressive amount of time, energy, and research in developing a flawless beauty line.

The matte liquid lipstick range that carries the dignity of being harmless and toxin-free.

Being harmless is not only the reason that makes natural paraben free lipstick the customer’s top choice; there are many other express reasons that have made this beauty line the most favorite among DIVAS! Have a look at the perks of our beauty products and fall in love with our range of vegan lipstick.

Long Lasting

Our array of long lasting lipstick manages to stay on your lips even when you are drinking, eating, or kissing your boo!

A Single Application And It’s All Done!

Our lippy moisture matte lipstick offers a stupendous color payoff. It doesn’t bother you to apply the shade repeatedly as it gives high coverage in just one or two swipes. Even after several washes, it doesn’t show off as a streaky mess over your lips.

Our affordable range of natural Vitamin E Lipstick not only saves your pocket but also saves the waste of the product. That could otherwise have happened if the product was non-pigmented.

Creamy Texture

A matte lipstick without a creamy factor is nothing but a stubborn stain on the lips. But this is not the case with our line of velvet matte lipsticks. They are easy to glide and effortless to apply. High pigmentation and extra creamy quotient are the cornerstones of our matte shades.

Super Hydrating

Formulated with good oil-wax balance, our avocado oil lipstick doesn’t leave your lips experiencing patchiness. With an intelligent mix of different oil hints, our shades moisturize your lips and repair the broken skin as well!

You will no longer be looking like wandering in the desert for ages since our lipsticks are all set to offer the deprived moisturizer to the lips.

No More Dryness, No More Soreness— Only Smooth Plumpy Lips!

Adjustable To Every Skin Tone

One of the most highlighting perks of our lipstick range is that it compliments every skin tone. Regardless of your color, our timeless and unbiased colors make you super adorable and worth noticing.

Our nude lipstick shades will offer you another reason to fall in love with us. They beautifully settle on your skin without creeping their way beyond the lip curves.


Playing With Lips Is Now Easy!

Lip augmentation got trendy after celebrities opted to enhance their lips. However, you don’t need to go under the knife or undergo any cosmetic procedure to get your lips done. With the minimal effort of shaping your lips with our lip liner pencil, you are ready to stall the eyes of the audience.

Go and grab your favorite shade without squeezing your budget.