Choco Rush

“Lady Indy LLC. is a company that has designed products carefully handpicked that will Praise Your Beauty. These products are vegan and paraben free. This company is dedicated to all women. Lady Indy features beautiful lip colors that will leave you feeling glamorous, bold, sexy, and confident. These colors were specially formulated infused with natural oils such as vitamin E to keep your lips moisturized while giving you a long lasting finish. To all you beautiful ladies that inspire me to create and design a product that is especially designed for you. Praise Your Beauty!”

Dream Girl Lipstick Tones


Choco Rush Matte Lipstick lets you feel the rush of this bold, chocolate-filled, vampy, lip shade. This liquid color envelops your lips in rich, long-wearing color.

All colors have an ultra Matte finish, bold, smear-resistant wear. You can effortlessly define lips with the ultimate control for lips.

Enriched with natural ingredients and hints of oil, dream girl creamy lipstick serves as an absolute reason to settle on your lips and make it extravagantly bold.

The single application of Dream Girl Lipstick saves the hassle of touching up every hour. Not to mention, it moistens the lips, making them supple and plump.

If you are desperate to wear something bold yet luxurious, the dream purple lipstick shade is all set to turn your dream into reality.